Thursday, September 11, 2014

thursday thoughts [29]

Thursday, September 11, 2014

it's my birthday and i'll blog if i want to, blog if i want to.

[which i apparently do today].

i'm 29 today! can you believe it? and the blog turns 2 tomorrow. i was going to do this big post with number balloons and all but that would totally go against this little lack of consistent blogging record i have going on here.

so you may have noticed the lack of birthday wishlist post this year. it's funny, but however many times i've sat down to put one together, i couldn't bring myself to ask for a single material thing [and i'm not shy when it comes to wishlists, believe me. remember my holiday list from last year? that's right, there's a chanel in there]. 

it's probably because no material thing comes close to what i do have - i get to spend my birthday with my wonderful husband, our beautiful baby girl, and our wrinkly pup-dog. and on the weekend i get to hang out with my parents and amazeballs sister for our annual close-the-pool/celebrate-natalie's-birthday get together.

and that's better than chanel.

[but if anyone actually got me chanel, i mean i wouldn't turn it down. what kind of a person would i be to not accept a gift?]

happy thursday!


  1. I guess as we move through life our priorities change. I use to make a wish list for the spouse that would contain gift cards for this and that .. now I want a roomba vacuum .. lol.

    Happy Birthday !



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