Tuesday, September 23, 2014

tuesday thoughts [help kumari expand]

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

remember kumari hair oil i raved about? the one with natural, pure, and organic ingredients that helps your hair get that gorgeous, healthy shine? well the brand looking to expand this awesome product and has launched a crowdfunding campaign that will help to:
  • launch a complete line of natural, organic products, in addition to the kumari luxury hair oil
  • invest in sustainable packaging that includes post-consumer recycled content, eco-friendly inks, compostable plastic and other recyclable materials, and
  • find a distribution partner to bring kumari luxury to a salon, spa or boutique near you
for anywhere from $15-$1,500, you can support this business in exchange for some very tempting perks, including custom-scented body oils or a full day of discovering the ingredients and concocting your own product!

whether you contribute for a sweet perk or simply share to get the word out, you'll be helping further a wonderful product line!


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