Tuesday, October 21, 2014

tuesday treats [spend/save: celine trapeze bag]

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

while i may be drooling over the celine trapeze bag, unless i win the lottery, there's no way i'm spending over $3,000 on a purse. so when i stumbled upon the laney from sole society, i couldn't believe my eyes. while it's no, celine, at $49.95, it won't break the bank!

plus it'll look really cute with your new blue suede shoes!

Friday, October 17, 2014

friday favs [sole society jenn d'orsay pump]

Friday, October 17, 2014
friday favs [sole society jenn heels]
[i got a little fancy with the graphic for ya. you're welcome]

sole society is hitting it out of the park with their jenn d'orsay pump. personally, i'm really drawn to the blue suede version.

[do anything that you want to do, but uh-uh, honey, lay off my shoes. don't you step on my blue suede shoooooooes!]

happy friday!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

wear it wednesday [the pumpkin patch]

Wednesday, October 15, 2014
[on lily: poop covered old navy hooded sweatshirt, pink footie pants. on me: rails shirt, ray ban wayfarers] 

[gimme that, mama]

[at least i'm having fun, right?]

[completely terrified]

[i don't know about this, you guys]

this was supposed to be a wear it wednesday post on the cute little outfit miss lily was supposed to wear to the pumpkin patch on sunday. but as we all know, with babies, shit happens.

and in this case, literally.

it started out like any other day. lily was up at 5, napped twice in the morning, and we were dressed in our halloween best out the door by 1:30. [heck, mama even got a workout in]. 

the sun was shining and everyone was in a great mood as we made our way to a local orchard. lily was happy as a clam, "talking" up a storm in the backseat. 

as soon as we got to the orchard, we saw that it was completely mobbed, but we got lucky and snagged a prime spot near the exit. and that's where it all went to shit.

i went to grab miss chatty cathy from her car seat only to discover that her cute black & orange pants were wet. "dang it", i muttered, "she peed through her outfit". 

hoping it was just a little pee, i set up a quick change station in the back of my mini-suv. as soon as i moved her pants i realized it wasn't just pee. there was poop everywhere. all over lily's clothes, the car seat, her hands. poop travels, you know.

horrified, i started changing my baby. 

after realizing we had no bags into which we could put the offensive poop-covered clothing, i sent jason off in search of something. while i stripped, wiped, and re-dressed my little one into a new onesie and hot pink footie pants [which were going to clash with the orange pumpkins -sigh-]. after finding poop on her sweater and scrubbing that down with 17,000 wet wipes [because it was the only one we brought], we were finally on our way to see about some pumpkins.

as luck would have it, everyone and their mother was at the patch and the line to pay for said pumpkins would have easily taken us an hour to stand in. so we did what any little family recovering from the trauma of a diaper blow-out would do; took some quick pictures [see above] and hightailed it to red robin for some delicious burgers where lily practiced using her vocal chords, making delighted high-pitched squeals as she people watched.

it was a good day.

p.s. linking up with the pleated poppy!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

tuesday treats [shopbop friends & family sale]

Tuesday, October 14, 2014
shop bop friends & family sale
[if you look carefully at the picture, doesn't it look like it's spelling out YES?]

like every other blog you're coming across today, i'm here to tell you about the shopbop friends & family sale.

it's that special bi-annual sale that gets everyone in a tizzy. just entering family25 and gets you 25% off some amazeballs labels [unfortunately those otk stuart weitzmans and 3.1 philip lim bag are obviously part of the exclusions].

my personal favorites? [i thought you'd never ask!]:

what do you have in your shopbop shopping cart?

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

wear it wednesday [buffalo check]

Wednesday, October 8, 2014
[old navy dress, madewell chambray shirt]

[coconuts boots (old)]

[just in case you wanted to see my mid-section. because it's super interesting]

this is an outfit post!! i know, i know, who am i and what have i done with natalie? relax, i'll go right back to not taking pictures for next week. [well, hopefully not].

now about this here dress. i lurve it. not just love, lurve. it's actually an old navy x refinery 29 pick and i can see why. the drop waist hides any mid-section bulges and it's super comfy. plus it looks darn good with my boots. and looks like fall.

[picture me looking all googly-eyed] i love fall.

since these pictures were taken last week, i chopped my hair even shorter. i think i'm slowly working my way to a buzz cut. i feel like that would be the lowest maintenance, right?

p.s. linking up with the pleated poppy!

Monday, October 6, 2014

mama monday [7 month update]

Monday, October 6, 2014

today our little ray of sunshine is 7 months old. i say this every month, but this past month was so exciting! lily:

  • started crawling! [she's been working on it for a while but a couple of weeks ago, there was an ipad just out of reach and she wanted it so badly that off she went, one little arm and leg after the other. she looks like a hermit crab when she crawls. and i love it]
  • sleeps. that's right. bedtime starts at 6:15 with a fun bath, then pjs, saying our goodnights to daddy and beau, some quiet nursing and then crib with her bunny. [she usually plays a little and "talks" herself to sleep. and we had to drop her crib the other day because girlfriend was thisclose to pulling up on the side]
  • reaches for things she wants [and most importantly reaches for me] and,
  • picking things up
  • gives big smiles
  • laughs, like really, really laughs [especially when being tickled during bath time]
lily likes: beau [she watches him like a hawk and beams whenever he comes close], her jumper [we ended up getting the same one she has at day care - best decision ever], eating, the iphone/ipad/remotes [crap, we're going to have to get her the iphone 6 before she's 1, aren't we?], posing for pictures [she hams it up], food [and more food]

lily dislikes: being changed [this one's annoying], and not getting what she wants

we tried formula yesterday [enfamil for supplementing] but she didn't quite like it. we'll keep at it because mama is pumping for like 3 hours a day and it's hard/hard to keep up with lily's appetite. i'm hoping to swap out 1 bottle of breast milk for formula for her daily day care intake but we'll see how that goes. [in the meantime, if you need me, i'm probably off pumping somewhere].

overall, lily is becoming quite the independent lady! so very curious, talkative, and demanding.

and i love every single second of it.