Wednesday, October 15, 2014

wear it wednesday [the pumpkin patch]

Wednesday, October 15, 2014
[on lily: poop covered old navy hooded sweatshirt, pink footie pants. on me: rails shirt, ray ban wayfarers] 

[gimme that, mama]

[at least i'm having fun, right?]

[completely terrified]

[i don't know about this, you guys]

this was supposed to be a wear it wednesday post on the cute little outfit miss lily was supposed to wear to the pumpkin patch on sunday. but as we all know, with babies, shit happens.

and in this case, literally.

it started out like any other day. lily was up at 5, napped twice in the morning, and we were dressed in our halloween best out the door by 1:30. [heck, mama even got a workout in]. 

the sun was shining and everyone was in a great mood as we made our way to a local orchard. lily was happy as a clam, "talking" up a storm in the backseat. 

as soon as we got to the orchard, we saw that it was completely mobbed, but we got lucky and snagged a prime spot near the exit. and that's where it all went to shit.

i went to grab miss chatty cathy from her car seat only to discover that her cute black & orange pants were wet. "dang it", i muttered, "she peed through her outfit". 

hoping it was just a little pee, i set up a quick change station in the back of my mini-suv. as soon as i moved her pants i realized it wasn't just pee. there was poop everywhere. all over lily's clothes, the car seat, her hands. poop travels, you know.

horrified, i started changing my baby. 

after realizing we had no bags into which we could put the offensive poop-covered clothing, i sent jason off in search of something. while i stripped, wiped, and re-dressed my little one into a new onesie and hot pink footie pants [which were going to clash with the orange pumpkins -sigh-]. after finding poop on her sweater and scrubbing that down with 17,000 wet wipes [because it was the only one we brought], we were finally on our way to see about some pumpkins.

as luck would have it, everyone and their mother was at the patch and the line to pay for said pumpkins would have easily taken us an hour to stand in. so we did what any little family recovering from the trauma of a diaper blow-out would do; took some quick pictures [see above] and hightailed it to red robin for some delicious burgers where lily practiced using her vocal chords, making delighted high-pitched squeals as she people watched.

it was a good day.

p.s. linking up with the pleated poppy!


  1. Haha oh man, I have heard stories about blowouts! I am definitely not looking forward to dealing with that. But I am so glad you all kept your composure and made the most of it!

  2. Poop happens! Lily is getting so big. She is so adorable.

  3. I have had similar situations of course, including during a flight and trust me that's much worse. lily still look beautiful and so do you. love the bob on you and your plaid shirt.

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