Tuesday, February 10, 2015

tuesday tales [11 month update]

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

this past friday, little miss lily o turned 11 months old! i'm pretty much in denial at this point because she's going to be 1 next month. 1. it feels like i just had her!

this past month has been fun, fun, fun! lily:
  • stopped nursing completely all on her own in mid january [it kind of broke my heart, but it had to happen]
  • getting braver and braver in the walking department. she still needs to be holding on to something, but i think she'll be taking her first unassisted steps any day now!
  • "talks" constantly. mostly in "mamas" and "dadas" but i swear she's trying to repeat what we're saying
  • can open doors [from the bottom] so we have to start locking them!
  • transitioned out of her baby tub into... [drum roll] a laundry basket inside the big tub! [see evidence on my instagram, @natalie_hodak]
  • started feeding herself with the spoon [if you hand it to her]
  • is eating a lot of "big girl" foods including cheese & chicken
lily likes: eating [anything and everything, all day, erryday], anything electronic, crawling away and stopping to see if you're chasing her, beau, and daycare

lily dislikes: getting dried off after bath time, not eating, and any and all restrictions on her freedom

birthday planning is in full swing! the invites are out, the cakes are ordered, the photo-shoot is scheduled! i can't wait. [and full disclosure, i may cry].

you are my greatest adventure, little one.