about me

hi everyone, i'm natalie

[that's me!]

a 28 year-old living and working [and shopping, lots and lots of shopping] in the philadelphia area. i'm a newlywed to my wonderful hubby [and current reluctant blog photographer] jason

[here's a nice shot of him getting ready to marry me, that lucky, lucky man]

and we share our place [and our hearts] with our dog-son, beau:

[if you know of any nice shar-pei ladies that are in need of a boyfriend/good time, beau's available. and yes i'm pimping my dog out]

i'm a self-professed shopaholic, i love wine, a good book, yoga, relaxation, making people laugh, and not cooking. 

i stand firm that getting dressed should be fun, shopping should be an adventure, and you should laugh [at least once] every single day [it's good for your health]. 

so thanks for visiting and i hope you enjoyed what you saw/read and will come back! [but for now, the exits are here, here, and here. just kidding! see what i did there? anyone? ok, enough from me!]


  1. How sweet! I started following you, You are welcome to follow me back :)

    Check out my blog, I sell amazing recycled high end fashion at super low prices.


  2. I have to follow people who love dogs - it's my thing.

    Best wishes,

    1. a woman after my own heart! your little pup is adorable too :)

  3. Another new bride who does not cook, like myself. I JUST CAN'T DO IT. I make a mean grilled cheese though. <3
    Love you blog, Natalie!


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